Enoch and God

Enoch and God, walked for three centuries
And then God took him, and he was not,
And Abraham, lingered in God's presence
As they were talking God showed His heart.
  Lord, I'm here
Just spending time to get to know You;
Just draw near,
Reveal Your heart, show me Your purpose,
Keep dispensing into me.
Walking with God, we are in fellowship;
Talking to Him, shows me His heart;
Gazing at God, He's infused into me;
As I abide here, we both are one.
Regular days, but there is God in them;
Regular hours, spent talking with Him.
Do not despise, days full of the small things;
God's being added to you, when you say:
Eileena King Gonzales

Nederland, Texas, United States

Beautiful and Touching. God's Precious Word Displayed Beautifully. I Thank You. Eileena