Lord, to know Thee as our Person

Lord, to know Thee as our Person,
  Earnestly we seek and pray;
To experience Thy fulness
  In a constant inner way.
Never longer only outward
  Or with soulish thoughts obsessed,
But, O Lord, in realest contact
  We by Thee would be possessed.
  Lord, Thou art our Person,
  In our inmost being,
May we constantly experience
    This reality.
All the world is under darkness,
  Driven by the fallen soul,
And the enemy designing
  Does the soulish life control.
Such we were till God, through mercy,
  Caused His Son to dwell in us;
Now we fully come to know Him
  In His church so glorious.
Once we walked a soulish person,
  Wandering in the wilderness,
Never knowing that our spirit
  Craved God's fullness to express;
At the moment Jesus entered
  Instantly the whole was changed.
Now we're people spirit-centered!
  Hallelujah! Rearranged!
Now our spirit is our person—
  What a glorious fact is this!
Christ Himself in us expressing
  God's intent and holiness.
Not the soul-life's vain delusion,
  But the spirit strengthened is;
Christ Himself is now our Person—
  He is ours and we are His.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

At the moment Jesus entered

Instantly the whole was changed.

Now we’re people spirit-centered!

Hallelujah! Rearranged!