Looking at You, Lord, You're All I Need

Where I am, there You are.
In the darkness, my Morning Star.
When in sickness, You are my health.
When I'm poor, Lord, You're my wealth.
  Looking at You Lord, You're all I need.
As You flow life to me so free,
Jesus fill me, with grace each day.
How to go on, You are the way.
When alone, You're my song.
In my weakness, Lord, You are strong.
When there's doubt then, as faith You come.
Now I have hope, You're the One.
In the storms, You're the calm.
In my pain, Lord, You are the balm.
In self-pity, as light You'll shine,
Filling me with love divine.
Praising You, is my joy.
You're the pure One, without alloy,
Showing me, Lord, Your wondrous love,
When You came down, from above.
Now in me, all in all,
For this living, Your Name I'll call.
O Lord Jesus, for growth I'll pray.
By Your Spirit, that's the way.
Ken Moses Nugas

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Lord, You are and I am not!

Alethia Grace

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Lord, You're all I need.


South Africa

The Lord is all we need.

Nick Van Achterbergh

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Looking at You Lord, You are all I need. Make this my subjective reality.....

Pat Snyder

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jesus fill me, with grace each day

How to go on , you are the way

Angie Meli

Warren, Michigan, United States

Thank You, Lord! You are everything to us! You are all we need.

Susie Underwood

United States

I love this song ! It is so anointing. Wish I could hear someone singing it.

Listen to it what a joy!

Peda Deborah

United States

Lord Jesus don’t let this day pass without growing more in me and in all the saints whom You love!!

Cherry A Wiest

Wapato, WA, United States

Lord, You are the ONLY way: Your love, Your name, Your flowing, Your shining, Your filling. Thank You, Lord for coming.

Bella Woods

Huntsville, TX, United States

Amen! Lord Jesus, just keep us looking at You! You are all we need! We love You, Lord!