In these times of restlessness

In these times of restlessness,
In these times of uncertainty,
When all we trusted has become
But sand and we sink helplessly,
Reaching out, a Rock we hold.
He is still and unshakable.
Eternally and silently,
He waited for us with love untold.
How we think we have control
When all things go predictably,
But when waves crash, when storm winds blast,
We see our human frailty.
Then He's always there to say,
"It is I, do not be afraid."
It's up to us to take Him in
Our boats, our lives, for Him e'er to stay.
  So that's why we call, "O Lord Jesus!"
Desper'tely for peace inside
And peace He gives,
A peace beyond understanding.
And still then we call, "O Lord Jesus!"
Just to find the peace supplied
Is Christ Himself resting in our being.
Enid Adiegwu

Lagos, Nigeria

Amen. Just found this song streaming bon SoundCloud.

When we have the Lord, we have peace.

Sophia Chan

San Francisco, CA, United States

Amen. When we have the Lord, we have peace.

Stephanie Cooley

Citrus Heights, CA, United States

A peaceful song for these times. So soothing...

Jesse Mirasol

Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, Philippines

Thank You Lord for remind us that You are peace just we call upon Your name to find You as our peace supplly ! Lord for give us that we are shortened to call upon Your ! keep us Lord in our spirit that we may take You in and live a peaceful and joyful life no matter how many problems we had encountered we just still calling upon Your name and abiding Your words daily although we always forgotten to call upon Your name daily but Thank You Lord for taking care of us and to understand our weaknesses and thank You also Your faithfulness to accomplish Your work on earth through us!

Karen Casey

New Orleans, LA, United States

A beautiful song! Amen. He gives us a peace beyond understanding.