Manna from Heaven

Manna from heaven came down.
Miraculous mystery from God.
Jesus said, "I am this bread...
Given for the life of the world."
Eat Him.
He is the living bread.
Gain Him.
Oh what a supply!
Praise Him!
Only He satisfies.
The all-inclusive Christ.
Christ is the spiritual rock,
Smitten and cleft by our God.
Water of life flowed forth.
Now quenching all of our thirst.
Drink Him.
He is the fount of life.
Taste Him.
Oh sweet well of life.
Praise Him!
Never you'll thirst again.
The all-inclusive Christ.
On the cross where He was nailed,
Both blood and water flowed out.
Redemption is fully paid.
Why not receive and enjoy.
Take Him.
Our Savior and our King.
Give Him,
The first place in us.
Praise Him!
One sacrifice for all.
The all-inclusive Christ.
He is the Spirit today.
Ready to make home in us.
Calling on Him is the way.
All of His riches to gain.
Breathe Him.
He's the pneumatic One.
Touch Him.
Oh He is so near.
Praise Him!
Life-giving Spirit.
The all-inclusive Christ.
Isaac Yu

Richardson, TX, United States

Give Him the first place in us!

Nelson Liu

Seattle, WA, United States

What a supply! Only He satisfies!


Boston, MA, United States

Praise Him! He is the All-Inclusive Christ!


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Lord, thank You for being cleft on the cross so we could drink of You as the Spirit! We love You so much!

Joana Morales

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Never you’ll thirst again! Jesus, the all-inclusive Christ.

Basel Almachraki

Boston, MA, United States

Wow, He’s so available! Praise Him!! I love this Jesus!

Johanna F.

Boston, MA, United States

Eat Him! Gain Him! Drink Him! Taste Him! Take Him! Give Him! Breathe Him! Touch Him! Praise Him! Jesus!

Marvin Igwe

Boston, MA, United States

He is the Spirit Today!

Ready to make home in us!

Touch Him! He is so near!

Ben Findeisen

Boston, MA, United States

Give Him the first place in us! Jesus! The all-inclusive Christ!

Nathan Yee

Allen, TX, United States

Amen 🙏