Father, We Worship Your Blest Name

Father, we worship Your blest name!
O great "I AM," You're all indeed!
Surpassing everything You’ve made—
All that You are is all we need!
God of the living, not the dead,
Your life with power overcomes!
Death is annulled! Life reigns instead!
We’re made alive in Christ Your Son!
From heaven’s seat, enthroned on high,
The Lord, Your Son, that Man most dear,
Leads us to seek You inwardly,
In spirit sensing You draw near.
As You draw near, we apprehend
And we experience all You are,
Beyond constraints of time and space,
Your life, in Christ, a realm entire.
Have You not willed that Christ should be
Everything to us inwardly?
In Christ, You are the source of life,
In faith, our true reality.
Highways to Zion in our hearts,
From strength to strength we go each day;
Depending on Your life alone,
In Your supply of Christ we stay.
In this supply, Your heart of love
Makes known Your will subjectively.
Wooed by Your grace and perfect will,
We come to know You inwardly.
Father, in reverent praise we sing!
We worship You for all You are!
Your life, in Christ, is everything!
Glory to You forevermore!