Christ has become one with sinners


Liverpool, United Kingdom

Christ has always wanted to be one with us poor sinners. He is the embodiment of the Triune God.

In the New Testament He is the eternal God who became flesh to live among sinners and eventually save them.

In the Old Testament He is the Angel of Jehovah. This Angel is just God Himself in His Divine Trinity serving His elect as a Servant.

When God sees the situation of His people whom He loves is so poor,

(Judges 2), He commissions and appoints Himself to become a servant to them.

God's desire is and always has been to care for His people by being one with them.

How encouraging!

Marites Arisaka

Kashiwazaki Shi, Niigata Ken, Japan

Hallelujah Christ came for us, and died for us. it is a glorious sweet to sing along with its lyrics.