Rain on me

Rain on me; rain on me;
Let Your mercy rain on me;
It is not by willing or by running, Lord;
Let Your mercy rain on me.
Reign in me; reign in me;
May Your life, Lord, reign in me,
By Your grace abundant and Your righteousness;
May Your life, Lord, reign in me.
Overcome, overcome;
Lord, I pray to overcome,
By the Spirit sevenfold intensified;
Lord, I pray to overcome.
Grow in me; grow in me;
For the Body grow in me,
Through the rich dispensing of Your life supply;
For the Body grow in me.
Transform me; transform me;
For the Body transform me;
I behold Your glory with an unveiled face;
For the Body transform me.
Lord, gain me; Lord, gain me;
In the Body, Lord, gain me,
For the full expression of the Triune God;
In the Body, Lord, gain me.
Lord, blend me; Lord, blend me;
In the Body, Lord, blend me,
For the consummation—New Jerusalem;
In the Body, Lord, blend me.

Let Your mercy rain on me...


California, United States

It is not by willing or by running, Lord;

Let Your mercy rain on me.

Rebecca Berglund

Salem, OR, United States

I was introduced to this song several years ago; at that time it was my daily song/prayer. Recently this song has been coming up frequently as a fresh supply in my being, so that even after the years I have known the Lord living in me, my heart's cry is still, "Grow in me."

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, grow in me!

Rosita Enriquez


Does anyone have the Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian version of this song....or can give us a translation that fits the tune. Thank you.

Suzana Santos

Goiania, Goiás, Brazil

Realmente que o Senhor cresça em nós, transforme-nos PARA e PELO CORPO. Que o Senhor nos dê um interior sincero para que tudo que anelemos seja CRISTO e que todos nossos desejos e anelos sejam para edificação do Corpo, que não reste nada de nós mesmos e sim Cristo tome posse de tudo em nós. ALeluia!! Cristo é maravilhoso!! Ó EU AMO A CRISTO!

Svetlana Sekerina

Giessen, Germany

It is a perfect example of daily prayer!

Omwoyo Obaigwa

Nairobi, Kenya

It draws me near to the Lord. Just let Him rain on me and take control of my life.


Lake Forest, CA, United States

Amen, I enjoy this song very much this morning on the way to work. If you are in Lake Forest, please join with our home group felowship. Please feel free to contact us.


Cypress, CA, United States

We overcome simply by the growth in life. The more we are constituted with Christ in our being, the more we are constituted overcomers. Lord, day by day work more of Yourself in us! Lord, we pray... to overcome!