From all the young descendants

From all the young descendants
Among our God's elect
Came forth some overcomers,
Who Satan did reject.
Midst all the opposition
The enemy could hurl,
They raised a heavenly standard;
God's banner to unfurl.
  As victors, as victors
In Christ they took their stand.
In Him they're overcomers
To bring forth His victory
O'er the land.
In subtle opposition the enemy did move;
He offered king's provisions,
Their loyalties to prove.
But Daniel and companions
Were equal to the test.
They spurned the royal dainties
To settle for God's best.
Thus through the proper eating,
The tree of life to take;
Preserving inward virtue,
Defilements forsake.
God blessed them with all wisdom,
In visions and in dreams;
He gave them understanding
And made their spirits keen.
And when Nebuchadnezzar
Was startled by a dream,
He gathered his magicians
To tell him what he'd seen.
A statue as a portrait
Of human governments
From earliest beginnings
Through predetermined ends.
So Daniel told the vision,
The king he was amazed.
Daniel, you will have honor,
Authority all your days.
Like him our vision opened,
Our hearts they must be wise
To see in all these cultures;
The enemy's disguise.
And through an open window
God's faithful one did pray;
As for the holy city
He bowed three times a day.
Stirred up were Satan's minions
With jealousy and strife
To frustrate God's recovery
And snare His servant's life.
Though still as roaring lion
The enemy may rage,
Our Father seeks a people
To terminate the age.
To stand within the lion's den,
For God be absolute;
With Christ as our companion,
All earthly tide refute.
  As victors, as victors
In Christ we take our stand.
To be His overcomers
And bring forth the victory
O'er the land.