True love

If there's such love in the human race,
To meet all our need with wondrous grace,
Firm and endless and free,
Like the high mount and sea,
Our dear Lord need not a human be;
In the dark, He has heard,
How I sigh, how I pine,
On the way, He has seen,
How I wander in life.
In His love to us He has drawn nigh,
Coming to us from His throne on high.
Seeking me without rest,
Thirst and hunger did taste,
On the cross the Lord paid all my debt,
He arose from the grave,
All the sinners He saved,
Joined with me, He filled me with His faith.
Love I've found within the human race,
Of all love in heav'n and earth the best,
Firm and endless and free,
Like the high mount and sea,
True and precious, through eternity;
He's with me all my days,
Leading me all the way;
O my Lord, O my love,
"I love You!" 'Tis my prayer.

Stanzas 1 and 3 share the same tune.

Phil Lin

Bettendorf, Iowa, United States

All the Sinners he saved! Joined with me, he filled me with his faith.

Pauline Kouame

Conway, Arkansas, United States

He's with me all the days,

Leading me , all the way,

O my Lord, O my Love, I Love You, this My Prayer!!!

Amen!!! I Love this song sooo much!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! He is with us all the days, leading us all the way!!! Hallelujah!!!! We Love You Lord!!! Thank You Lord JESUS!!!!


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This song really touches my heart. Amen thank You Lord.


Just now I was talking True Love to a sister and she told me True Love helps her to pull through to her most difficult times. She pass True Love to a sister when the sister was about to leave the country and the sister tells her daughter when she plays True Love she wans to hug this sister who presents her this song. Our Lord is always there to bathe our weary souls. Amen.

Marlon Tecson

NCR, Philippines

This love never fails. It is true and is not a lie. Our experience and His word tell us so. Hallellujah! Let us love Him in return.


Thanks for all your work. Praise the Lord!

dazhi cheng

Lafayette, IN, United States

I just prayed Lord last night and today that he give me strength to say good bye to my past, a past stained with debauchery under the evil influences of Satan. From now on, I will fight the spiritual fight against Satan for our Lord. May all sisters and brothers join me in this holy fight for our Lord!!!

Kun-Lun Huang

San Diego, CA, U.S.A.

It saves me.

Chia Chi

I've loved the song since I am in high school. After 7 years, I still love the hymn. And I still enjoy the tender while firm true love of the Lord.

Paul Tan

Kuching, Malaysia

The Lord is the One who comforts me in all the depressions that I have. Every situation is leading me to the end because I have turned away from Him. But the result is always the loving self and presence of the Lord.