O blessed life—the heart at rest

O blessed life—the heart at rest
When all without tumultuous seems,
That trusts a higher will, and deems
That higher will, not mine, the best.
O blessed life, the mind that sees,
Whatever change the years may bring,
A mercy still in everything,
And shining through all mysteries.
O blessed life, as spirit soars,
When sense of mortal sight is dim,
Beyond the sense, beyond to Him,
Whose love unlocks the glorious doors.
O blessed life, heart, mind, and soul,
From self-born aims and wishes free,
In all at one with Deity,
And loyal to the Lord's control.
O life, how blessed, how divine,
High life, the earnest of a higher;
Savior, fulfil my deep desire,
And let this blessed life be mine.
Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Matson, William Tidd, was born at West Hackney, London, Oct. 17, 1833. He was educated first under the Rev. J. M. Gould, and then at St. John's College, Cambridge. Subsequently he studied under Professor Nesbitt, at the Agricultural and Chemical College, Kennington. In 1853 he underwent a great spiritual change. Leaving the Church of England, he first joined the Methodist New Connexion body, and then the Congregationalists. After the usual theological training, he entered the ministry, and held several pastorates.

Mr Matson's hymns show a considerable mastery of the forms of hymnic expression, but are somewhat lacking in lyric energy. Those written for use with German chorales are excellent efforts, and rank with his best work. Taken as a whole his hymns are far above the average, and deserve wide acknowledgment. [Rev. W. Garrett Horder] - Dictionary of Hymnology by Julian


The original stanza 3, 1st and last lines, say:

O blessed life! the soul that soars,


Whose love unlocks the heavenly doors.