In this godless age

In this godless age
Lord, You need some Samuels
Burdened with a vision clear of Your economy
Where's Your ark today?
And the ones who'd care for You,
E'en to put themselves aside to gain Your heart's desire?
  Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
Prophets, priests, and judges, and men of prayer,
Speaking forth Your word, with Your authority,
A photo of Your heart for Your move.
Train us up today,
Full of vision, seeking You,
We'd await Your timing, fully subject to Your will,
Treasuring Your face,
Staying in Your presence, Lord;
E'en the very index of Your eyes would we obey.
  Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
To bring in Your kingdom on earth today,
Taking You as King that You may return
To usher in the end of the age.
J. Leong

Manila, Philippines

Lord, make me someone who would meet Your need... a young person absolute for Your move!

Erika Osorio Heaton

Kelso, Washington, United States

I really like this song because I can put the words into it. I love You God. (: This is just a really good song and that's that! (:

B. Leong

Manila, Philippines

In this godless age, I want to be a Samuel burdened with a vision clear of Your economy. In my studies, in my living, cause me to care for You, even to put myself aside. Cause me to meet Your need. I want my heart to be a photo of Your heart. But not only me. Make us, the young people, Your Nazarites! Absolute for Your move.

Sol Y

Irvine, CA, United States

O Lord! Make us those who meet YOUR NEED in this Godless age! the Nazarites through whom you'd end this age! So Lord, we consecrate ourselves absolutely to you, to be trained by you, and to be absolutely one with you and one with what you are doing! Save us from being just a good servant! Lord, we'd like to bring you back! Do whatever you need in us to make us your dispensational instrument! Meet your need through us!


Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines

Raise up people who are really burdened and absolute for Your move! Lord, we voluntarily give ourselves to You for Your satisfaction!

Chiew Pin

Penang, Malaysia

Lord, MAKE US those who meet Your need!

MAKE US those through whom You'd close this age.

Who are one with You to bring the kingdom in, young people ABSOLUTE for Your move.

Clare L.

Berkeley, CA, United States

Lord, train us up today! Those who "e'en the very index of Your eyes... would obey!" May You have a living testimony on the earth for Your economy, Your delight and pleasure.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Amen! Lord, may we be those who pray, who lay the tracks for You! Make us those through whom You'd close this age!

2014 European Young People's Conference in Poland