Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You

  Lord, keep my heart open and soft toward You.
Lord, draw my eyes to see nothing else but You.
  Whatever may happen,
I know You want to gain my heart.
Though I may not understand,
Just keep dispensing into my every part.
  Make me a believer
By looking at You.
Standing on Your Word,
Faithful and true.
(Parts 1 & 2 may be sung together, then join last verse in unison.)
sis. edz marcelo


We may not be able to understand the Lord's plan for us and think that things are impossible, yet we just have to have a simple heart to believe that He is more than able/capable to make things possible. Praise the Lord that He is the reality in us.. Amen.

Kwame Barima

Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

I just love to listen to this song now and again because it's smooth and gentle and touches me so much. Our Lord is really a wonderful and gentle Lord.

My prayer is that the Lord will draw us more closer and nearer to acknowlege the abandance of grace He has in store for His saints.

"Oh dear Lord Jesus, please keep us beholding your radience face, keep us gazing on you and you alone and also keep despensing Yourself to us. Amen

Aleksey Krasnovsky

Kusa, Russia

Мне очень нравится эта песня! В ней говорится о моих переживаниях: мне так нужно сердце, которое всегда открыто для Господа, и которое всегда мягкое по отношению к Нему! Господь, я люблю Тебя все сильнее!

Grace Hsieh


I like this song, its tune and its lyrics... may this be my constant prayer too. I am not faithful, but You are the faithful One! Praise the Lord! No matter what happens, may I turn back to You and Your Word to receive your fresh dispensing! Amen.