Earthly pleasures vainly call me

Earthly pleasures vainly call me,
  I would be like Jesus;
Nothing worldly shall enthrall me,
  I would be like Jesus.
  Be like Jesus, this my song,
  In the home and in the throng;
Be like Jesus, all day long!
    I would be like Jesus.
He has broken every fetter,
  I would be like Jesus;
That my soul may serve Him better,
  I would be like Jesus.
All the way from earth to glory,
  I would be like Jesus;
Telling o'er and o'er the story,
  I would be like Jesus.

Cheshire, CT, United States

As a child this was the theme song of our church's early radio program. I have never forgotten it. Now I am using it in a sermon for next Sunday.

Jose Elvir

Stroudsburg, PA, United States

It is a beautiful hymn. The translation into Spanish says I want to be like Jesus instead of I would be like Jesus. It is my desire by the grace of God to be more like Jesus every day.

Clayton Wright

I have to second the motion on the previous post. Praise the Lord for our mingled spirit, and for His glorious name. Hallelujah!



I would remain in the spirit all the day long so I can be like Jesus all day long! I call on His name because this is the only living I know!!!