We Have a Father

  We have a Father
Whose heart is full of love toward us.
His heart is so great
And His love is so unlimited.
Even when we sin,
We can always come back to Him;
This is our Father's great love toward us.
We just need to repent,
In His loving arms we were meant;
This is our Father's great love toward us.

Fremont, California, United States

Thank You Lord we had a Father. You are so wonderful and we can contact You everyday. Lord we love You.

Billy Liu

Woodside, NY

I really like this song. It really touches me deeply. It's so wonderful that we have a Father, who always loving us till the end.

Ferdie B. Tumacder

Kamloops, B.C, Canada

Abba Father first love us before the foundation of the world and His love is unchanging until the consummation of this world. Amen.


London, Hackney, United Kingdom

Oh Lord Jesus....what a Father we have. Thank You Lord for Your love and compassion over us.

Hollie Little

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Praise the Lord for His love!

Josh Huang

Plano, TX, United States

No matter where we are or how far we run we can not escape His love for us!


Warsaw, Poland

His love is soo UNLIMITED! This song always makes me to realise that Gods love is unchanging , so real and concrete. We have a Father!