By righteousness was I condemned

By righteousness was I condemned,
When I was lost in pain and sin;
When Christ redeemed me by His blood,
Thy righteousness gave peace within.
O God, Thy righteousness condemned
My Savior to the cross to die;
Yet now to us Thy righteousness
Grants peace, forgives, and justifies.
Righteousness ruled all debts be paid;
Yet, also, righteousness forbade
That when accounts were fully paid
Again collection could be made.
Now that my Lord His blood has shed,
You cannot sentence Him again,
Nor ask me further recompense,
Can but forgive and fully cleanse.
When first I heard of righteousness,
Fearful, I sought to hide from thence,
But at its mention now I sense
Such sweetness and such preciousness.
Since I have known Thy righteousness,
Thy grace I can more clearly see;
Thy righteousness gives wondrous rest,
Thy grace supplies and comforts me.