From my heart comes a melody

From my heart comes a melody
Of the One who gave His life for me.
How can I turn away from Thee;
Lord, I have seen Thy changeless love for me.
Enjoyment so full!
Life's reality!
That's what You're to me:
Lord, You have won my heart!
Take my heart, take my whole life too;
Lord, I can't help giving myself to You.
From the day that I first met You.
How could I help falling in love with You?
Emptiness turned life's pleasures blue;
No earthly love ever could see me through.
'Till I turned one day
Opened up my heart,
Let Your love flow in
And fill my deepest part.
Now I know, Lord, You're one with me;
And I can't help giving myself to Thee.
Lord, I can't help giving myself to Thee.

United States

Isn't this hymn sound so pretty? 'From my heart, comes a melody, From the one who gave his life for me...' Aren't those words so sweet? I gave myself to the Lord when I was a little girl. I am now so thankful I did! I'm also so thankful God sent his only son to take away our sins!


United States

Oh, how can I turn away from Thee? Lord, I have seen Thy changeless love for me! Praise You for Your changeless love. Lord, I love You!


United Kingdom

Thank you so much for creating this site, whoever did it. :)

To God be the Glory!


Imlay City, MI, United States

Ever since I've discovered this song on your site last night, 'I can't help' singing continuously for hours and hours. it is true confession of my love for Him. My dearest, precious Lord will continue our journey through eternity. Many things are unknown in my life right now but Him being with me, I am totally content and happy. My Lord and Savior, I love You!!!


Dasmarinas Cavite, Dasma Cavite, Philippines

Prise the Lord, even I don't know how to sing, but the lyrics are so wonderful. Praise Him.


Iligan, Philippines

Loving the Lord is the most excellent way. Praise the Lord! Love Him!


Kaliningrad, Russia

"Lord, I can't help giving myself to Thee." May His love constrain us till the day we see Him in His parousia. Lord, bless us supremely to love You all the days of our lives. Come, Lord Jesus.

Ernjay Kim

Iligan, Philippines

When I first heard this song through a brother the only thing that remained on me at that time was these words "falling in love with You." We have the experience deep within that the Lord is so lovable. We are like Rebecca who fall in love with Isaac though she only saw the slave and did not see him personally for the first time. We cannot see the Lord yet we fall in love with Him because His love constrains us to love Him. Because of this we cannot help but to give our whole heart to love Him.


Yerevan, Armenia

O Lord, I love You very much.


Dipolog, Zanorte, Philippines

We really can't help but love the Lord when we have seen His supreme preciousness... He is precious for He has done everything to us...