Lord, I love You, Lord, I need You

Lord, I love You, Lord, I need You,
You're the One, the One I need,
To live this life, Lord, I need You always;
By Your presence, Lord, take lead.
Lord, look into me,
And infuse me
To walk by the strength of Your eyes.
Lord embrace me,
Bear me in You,
Deep in Your love I hide.
And when I'm weak, Lord, and can't go on more,
Lift my eyes to gaze on You;
Speak softly to me, Come in, subdue me;
In Your strength, Lord, take me through.
William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, look into me and infuse me with Yourself. Like Moses, I want to spend time with You as your companion, to know You intimately face to face. I don't want to just merely know about teachings. I want to know Your ways, that I may know my God!

Joy Lewis

Hanovwr, Jamaica

Powerful words in time like this. Lord, we need You. Only with You we can fine peace and rest. When the devil attack us those are the words we have to run to for refuge. God bless.

Juan Lozada

Bronx, NY, United States

Please Lord Speak Softly To Me, Come In, Subdue Me, Deep In Your Love I Hide.

Armand Tongo

Caloocan City, Philippines

Speak softly to me, come in, subdue me; in Your strength, Lord, take me through.

Barb Perino

Chicago, IL, United States

Such a simple, yet vital song that we should sing everyday.

"Lord we need You. May we never think that we can live apart from You. Lift our eyes to gaze upon You. May we walk by the strength of Your eyes."

Leira Fulgueras

Iligan City

Amen! Lord, thank You for Your love. Only deep in Your love we can hide... Thank You that we can still lift up our eyes to gaze on You! Oh, how we need You always!


Arlington, VA, United States

This song touched me so much that I wept while singing along with the CD "The Comfort Abounds".

As Christians, the phrase "To live this life, I need You always" is so true! The song ends with "In Your strength, Lord, take me through." --this is just a prayer of the one as lily, leaning on her Lord and lover!

Mabs Moleta


Thank You for being so subjective, Lord.

Mike Zamora

Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines

During the times when our natural strength fails the Lord will carry us on eagle's wings which signifies God's grace. He is our High Priest who sympathizes, helps, nourishes us with bread and wine to succor us in every situation. Thank You Lord! We love You Lord Jesus! We need You Lord Jesus!

Jachin Leong

Manila, Philippines

To live this life, Lord, I need You always!