Give Yourself to Love the Lord

Give yourself to love the Lord.
No other way is so prevailing
And no other way, no other way is so safe.
Give yourself to love the Lord.
No other way is so rich,
And so full, oh so full, of enjoyment.
  Each morning we must rise up and say to Him,
"Lord Jesus, I love You."
Give yourself to love the Lord.
Do not care for anything else;
Just love Him! Do not care!
Give yourself to love the Lord!
  We are not our own, Lord;
All we have we give to You.
Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus!
Lord Jesus, we love You!

Castro, Decima, Chile

Gracias por la traduccion al Español.

Mona Li

Dalian City, China

Give ourself to love the Lord!

Amen! Praise the Lord!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

Yes Lord we give ourselves to love You Lord. I give myself to love You every day of my life.

Tom Smith

Lake Forest, California, United States

I've really been enjoying this song for days because it brings me into a living contact with the Lord. If you pray the words of this song to the Lord, it will make you fall in love with Him in a fresh way. I enjoyed it so much that I had to dedicate an entire post on just to this song.


Valencia, Bukidnon, Hong Kong

Praise the Lord! We need to go out to preach the gospel, the issue of our love of the LORD.

Deo Chen C. Flores

As a Part of the Church everyone of us should have a living vision unto the Lord because it is the way we can find and we can realize how we Love God.



There's no other way that is so safe , so rich and so full of enjoyment. Just give yourself to love the Lord. Amen.

Ricardo Quiroz

La Paz, Bolivia

I love it!! here is in spanish:


Da tu ser, para_amar_al_Señor,

No hay manera, tan prevaleciente;

No_hay_otro camino, otro tan seguro, no lo hay.

Da tu ser, para_amar_al_Señor,

No hay camino, que sea tan rico,

Y tan lleno, oh tan lleno, de disfrute.

Debemos de mañana, levantarnos_y decir,

“Señor Jesús, hoy te amo.”

Da tu ser, para_amar_al_Señor,

No te preocupes, por nada más;

¡Solo_ámale! ¡Sin afán!

¡Da tu ser, para_amar_al_Señor!

No nos pertenecemos,

Y te damos todo a Ti;

¡Señor Jesús! ¡Señor Jesús!

¡Señor Jesús, te amamos!

Sisters In London

London, United Kingdom

We have just been enjoying this hymn in our home meeting. Lord Jesus, we love You!


Ponchatoula, La, United States

Lord I just love You!

Give yourself to love the Lord. No other way is so prevailing, and no other way is so safe, so rich, and so full of enjoyment. Just love Him. Do not care for anything else. Teachings, doctrines, gifts, and power do not mean much. We must continually tell the Lord, "Lord, keep me in Your love! Attract me with Yourself! Keep me all the time in Your loving presence!" If we will pray in this way, we will see what love we will have toward the Lord and what kind of life we will live. We will simply live by the Lord Himself. As long as we love Him from the deepest part of our being, everything will be all right. If we need wisdom, He will be the wisdom to us. If we need power, He will be the power. If we need the proper and adequate knowledge, He will even be that to us. Whatever we need, He is. Do not try to get anything else; just look to Him that He would reveal His love to you. Song of Songs 1:4 says, "Draw me, we will run after thee." We must ask the Lord to draw us, and then others will run after Him with us. To take Him as our life, we must love Him in such a way.

In Revelation 2 the degradation of the church began with the loss of the first love toward the Lord Jesus. The church in Ephesus had many good works and was even strong in faith, but the Lord rebuked her by saying, "I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love." They had lost the fresh and best love toward the Lord. This started the degradation of the churches. When we lose our love for the Lord, we start to backslide. We must go to the Lord and make a deal with Him: "Lord, be merciful to me! I do not need anything or anyone else but Your loving Self. Simply show me Yourself! Draw me that we may run after You. O Lord, show me Your love that I might be constrained by Your love! I do not want to do anything for You, Lord. I just want to love You. I just want to take You as my Person. I want Your personality as my personality, Your will as my will, Your desires as my desires. I want Your everything as my everything."

Thus, we see that it is not simply a matter of believing, but also a matter of loving. We must learn to love the Lord Jesus. If we would have such a burning love toward the Lord Jesus, we will enjoy all that He is. Therefore, I do not encourage you to seek anything else. Go to the Lord and ask Him to draw you that you may run after Him. You must realize that the "zoe-life" is such a loving, wonderful Person and that love is the way to deal with Him.