Lord, how I thank You

Lord, how I thank You that
You died on the cross for me.
Your mercy, my Savior, reached me.
And Lord, You paid the highest price,
My life bought with Your shed blood,
My life now belongs, Lord, to You.

And Lord, how can I turn away from Your love,
The eternal love which You have for me?
I give You my heart;
Lord, spread in every part,
Till my whole heart belongs to You.
Lord gain my heart so that
It is single and pure for You.
No other love, Lord would I know.
Lord I am so in love with You.
For You are so lovely,
My everything, my all in all.

And Lord, I really want to know
This Person inside of me.
Lord, keep my heart open to You.
Keep flowing Your life,
Into me that I would grow,
And be saturated with You.
Heather Wu

United States

No other love, Lord would I know!

Lily Fong

Anaheim, CA, United States

The entire song is very touching. Often tears are upon my eyes when I sing this song before the Lord. Thank You Lord for dying for us on the cross and purchasing us with Your precious blood. We now belong to Him, He is our master, therefore we need to live not just for Him or by Him but To the Lord who purchased us. Lord Keep us loving You, pursuing You daily and being saturated with You daily to magnify You.

Mark Estrella

Brea, CA, United States

I really appreciate this song. I really wish I could sing it with a group of saints. I like the part that says simple and pure for You. O to be simple and pure for You, Lord.


Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Esse hino realmente muito bonito e me faz realmente tocar o Senhor.

Marinette Herbilla


When I was saved it is the first song I really love. It touches my whole being, it burn my spirit to love the Lord more than everything, it makes me feel that the Lord Jesus inside of me...how wonderful He is. Now I know He is the person whom I am longing for. I love you Lord.

Joy Kim

Fullerton, CA, U.S.A.

I really treasure this song because it's a good prayer to pray to the Lord. My favorite part of the hymn is "Lord, I really want to know this Person inside of me. Lord, keep my heart open to You." There's a real Person in our being who wants to take over us completely. It can only happen if we turn our face to Him and let the face of our heart behold Him and reflect Him. To turn our heart to Him is not a small matter; rather, it is a colossal matter because it causes us to know this precious Person in our spirit. I REALLY want to know Him, His preferences, His opinions, His way, and His perfect will by turning to Him and keeping my heart open to Him every moment!