I'm thankful that God has placed me

I'm thankful that God has placed me
With you to build up His Body.
Christ in you is the hope for me!
You also need Christ lived in me.
  I live, if you stand firm in the Lord.
You live, if I stand firm in the Lord.
My going on is for you,
Your going on is for me,
Not sep'rate entities,
I need you saints desp'rately!
Oh, what a sweet church life have we!
Built up in Him, His bride to be!
In Him steadfast, you help me be;
Encouraged by Christ whom I see.
Your faith in Christ helps me pursue;
My progress depends upon you!
As I seek Christ, with you in view,
My heart, full of prayers, is for you.
God's heart longs, desires that we,
His lovers, seek Him corp'rately.
On each other spent constantly;
My life is for you, yours for me.
I want to encourage you all,
Without your supply I would fall.
Never think that your Christ is small.
Christ needs you, and so do we all.
Jade Carcillar


WE LOVE The Saints!

Shirley Goodnesss

This song has always encouraged me especially as I am sitting now singing with other sisters. Oh what a sweet church life!


Thank You Lord for placing me in the Body.

Imelda D'Almeida

Ashford, United Kingdom

Praise the Lord for this beautiful song that my Bible reading companion, V. has shared with me. I pray that this lovely song will touch many saints and encourage us all to praise the Lord for the church life and cooperate with Him for the growth of His cooperate building. Praise the Lord for the New Jerusalem!

Mariam Shipaktsyan

Yerevan, Armenia

Amen! I need you saints desperately!

M.E. Ang

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We all need each other. We live if we all stand firm in the Lord!


Raleigh, NC, United States

Hallelujah for the saints! I desperately need you! Stand firm in the Lord!

A Sister :)

Manila, Philippines

I enjoyed this hymn because there was a time I almost backslid, but because of a certain sister that I'm shepherding, because of her going on, I was helped to go back to the Lord.

Our going on is really for the other saints. Don't think that your Christ is small, because that certain sister that had encouraged me is actually just new in the church life, but her going on has really encouraged and helped me. =)


Kansas City, MO, United States

Wonderful and so true.


Austin, TX, United States

Oh, praise the Lord. He just supplied me with life through a representative group of saints going on with Him throughout time and space!