In the heart of Jesus

In the heart of Jesus
  There is love for you,
Love most pure and tender,
  Love most deep and true;
Why should you be lonely,
  Why for friendship sigh,
When the heart of Jesus
  Has a full supply?
In the mind of Jesus
  There is thought for you,
Warm as summer sunshine,
  Sweet as morning dew;
Why should you be fearful,
  Why take anxious thought,
Since the mind of Jesus
  Cares for those He bought?
In the field of Jesus
  There is work for you;
Such as even angels
  Might rejoice to do;
Why stand idly sighing
  For some life-work grand,
While the field of Jesus
  Seeks your reaping hand?
In the Church of Jesus
  There's a place for you;
Glorious, bright, and joyous,
  Right and peaceful too;
Why then, like a wand'rer,
  Roam with weary pace,
If the Church of Jesus
  Holds for you a place?

Fhaute Savoie, France


Merci Beaucoup pour ce beau concert j'aime très peu le lyric mais les chants sont très beau , merveilleux, de très belle voix j'ai été charmé. Mon chant préféré c'est " in the heart of Jesus".

Merci. Gloire à Dieu.

Ole Jacob

Oslo, Norway

I was touched and reminded by singing this song to day that Jesus is so full of care for us. To me it is so amazing that there is such a High Priest in heaven caring for us; we are always on His heart, and He cares for us so much all the time. Why should we be fearful or anxious when we have such a lovely person supplying us?

Gemma Lou Barsobia

Valencia, Bulidnon, Philippines

I love this song because it reminds us that in our life there is Jesus that care for us and love us...=) God Bless us all^_^


Jakarta, Indonesia

Thank you for providing this lyrics. The lyrics is so personal for me. I give my heart only for Him.



The Lord has touched me this morning with this hymn. My most vulnerable aspect in the "self" is my anxiety and pride. This past week was full of worries and procastinating that I was apart from the Lord and became a prey to the evil one. Coming across this hymn, He reminds me to just abide and rest in Him. I praise the Lord for exposing my weakness because of my lack of Him. Praise the Lord that "In the Church of Jesus, there's always a place us!".

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