Fallen, that's the way we all begin

Fallen, that's the way we all begin:
Imprisoned by the evil fate we're in.
How can we from this hard world of sin
    be saved?
  Just by calling, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."
Every moment, each day!
Calling on the name of Jesus—
We're finding is the way.
It's Jesus, Lord Jesus!
Even though we love the Lord so much,
Somehow, it seems we get out of touch
With Jesus. How can we be freed from such
Sometimes we know we aren't being real
Then times, we just live by how we feel.
Is there some way we could ever deal
    with self?
Christians, scattered throughout all the earth
Are wand'ring—Lord, where is Your Bride of worth?
How can all those of the second birth
    be one?
Jonathan Yu

Los Angeles, CA, United States

5. Calling, you'll find this will fill your lack,

And calling is going to bring the Bridegroom back.

Why not stand upon this glorious fact today?


San Diego, CA, United States

I Lord amen hallelujah! Calling on the name of Jesus!!

Sister Vali Ruth

Tirane, Albania

Just by calling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. ”

Every moment, each day!

Calling on the name of Jesus—

We’re finding is the way.

It’s Jesus, Lord Jesus!

Duke thirrur "Jezus , Jezus, Jesus"

Ćdo moment te dites

Duke thirrur emrin e Jezusit

Ne jemi Duke gjetur rrugen

Kjo eshte Jezus , Zoti Jezus

Nathan Reilly

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Being in the Living Church-Life, we will be in Spirit of wisdom, without this Living Spirit, then we are out-of-touch. Then how can we all be one, if we do not have the Spirit of Jesus, but if we all are in one Body of Christ, we are many members in Christ. This hymn, will help us more and more. This is the way, we will be, in Christ. Only in Jesus, is that what really matters. Just go to Him, by word and prayer. This is what Daniel had already had, when studied. My prayer is:

"Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus! Keep us one, in you. Despite of our sins, or failures, could lead all of us, into temptations, Lord Jehovah! Be wrought into all of us, so that, no sins of temptations, cannot keep all of us apart from God and Christ Jesus, He's our Friend and Companion. May we be keeping our course, and run the race, of what You have accomplished. Unto Your glory, Your Church, we are the Church, a glorious Church, Living Church of Christ, following You, beseeching You, all the way, of the pathway to Your wonderful beautiful City! NEW JERUSALEM, Becoming a pattern, for Your wedding.

Jeremy Tan

Tokyo, Japan

Just by calling Jesus!

Laura Burbano

Portland, Oregon, United States

Just by calling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Lord , we need your saving grace always... thank you Lord for your love...


Baja California, Mexico

We can be save by praising and calling His name!!!! His name is so precious to us!!


Waseda, Tokyo, Japan

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, Calling will fill Your Lack...... Calling momentarily!!

Lord Jesus!!! Lord Jesus.... Lord we Love You, we call You the Whole

Day Long, precious Jesus!!

Sylvanus Narh Duamor

Tema, Community 1, Greater Accra, Ghana

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!