Enter the veil and go without the camp

Allen In Christ

San Marcos, TX, United States

Enter the veil, on heaven’s fatness feast,

Without the camp, in hardship persevere;

Though earthly trials sorely pain my heart,

Heaven’s communion doth my spirit cheer.

It’s the Spirit to lead us all into such realities. Amen do it Lord.

Christina Miranti

United States

The Lord is beautiful to behold! Amen.

Lovina Choo

JKM, Brunei

Hi, hello, Amen. Jesus Lord, I'm captured by Thy beauty.

Stephie Foo

Taipei, Taiwan

When I prayed to God this morning, He called me with this song. May we all amen for His calling without any hesitation.

Elaine Weaver

United States

I remember this song when at Bible study, we talked about this.