That's Why I Love Him

What about my sinful past?
And my conscience has no rest.
Deep within I feel the pain.
I'm condemned from all my guilty stains.
O my life of misery,
In this world of vanity,
As I searched for happiness,
My reward I received just emptiness.
God was far away from me,
Great and highest One is He.
Yet You took on humanity.
You came for me,
Hung on a tree,
Bled there to die for me.
  That's why I love Him.
That's why I treasure Him.
That's why I give my life and all to Him.
That's why I love Him.
That's why I treasure Him.
That's why I give my life and all to Him.
Kevin Beauchesne

Dedham, Ma, United States

Great songs but it would be nice if they played all the way through.


Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

This song has touched me. O, we are so blessed and loved by God. No matter how sinful we are, Lord still loves us. O Hallelujah!!!!


Fresno, CA, United States

I've fallen in love while listening to this song because just the meaning of it is so especially touching. Instead of thinking too much about my sinful past, I can put my conscience to rest because the Lord came for me, hung on a tree, and bled there to die for me. Lord, I want to love You all of my days.


Dubai, U.A.E., United Arab Emirates

I love this song because it reminds me that no matter how sinful I am, the Lord forgave me and even sacrifice His life for me. Lord I love You so much.

Kerry Kok

USJ, Selangor, Malaysia

I had failed Him in my Christian life and my past is full of sins. Yet the Lord came to redeem me at the cost of His life.

After listening to this song, my faith is Him has been restored and reassured that His blood is able to forgive and cleanse me from all my sins and unrighteousness.

marichris naduma

Gingoog City, Mis Or, Philippines

Lord I just love You and treasure You! even though I was a sinner, but praise You for saving me and made me part of Your eternal plan. Lord now I enjoy You as my manna daily. Lord Jesus, I love You.....


College Station, TX, United States

I just love you Lord!

Alexander Miranda Escobar

Bogotá, CU, Colombia

I like this song because it reminds me who I really was and that helps me to make more valuable my salvation and all what God Himself had to do to forgive my sins. That is why I love Him and give my life and all to Him.