I love You, always and forever more

I love You,
Always and forever more,
For in darkness where I lived in death
You showed Your light to me.
Yes, I love You,
And that is what You are,
For this love You suffered death for me
And the world to be redeemed.
  Though I'm worth no more than dust,
In Your eyes I am prized.
Your mercy purchased me
From my sin and my death.
You are love, You are love.
I love You,
I give my all to You,
All my mind, my heart and all my strength
I'll offer all to You.
Lord, I love You,
And now You live in me,
Oh Lord, strengthen me to take my cross
To follow You each day.
  Now I learn to call Your name.
Oh, Your riches come in
As my grace, reality,
My life and destiny.
You are love, You are love.
  Though my sins are colored scarlet,
You have cleansed them white as snow;
With Your blood poured out on Calvary,
My redemption will always be.
Lord, I need You and You'll always be
My life through eternity.
Lord, I love You. Yes, I love You.
I always will love You.
Asha De Pradine

St. George's, Grenada

Does anyone know where I can find the music for this song? The words are wonderful.