Deep in God's heart

Deep in God's heart there's been,
Before the time began,
God's desire to be expressed,
This He planned in eternal past.
  God eternal had a purpose
In eternal past.
He created man in His image
that man would God express.
Genesis, the blueprint —
Revelation, the fulfillment —
From God's plan and economy
To the city in eternity.
Man from the dust of the ground
At the end, New Jerusalem.
Here God's wisdom and love abound.
Oh! This is most profound!
Deep in God's heart He planned
To mingle Himself with man.
God, as a river and a tree,
Man's food and drink to be.
God our enjoyment
Issues the fulfillment:
A city as His expression
Built with gold, pearl and precious stones.


Amen! God desires to be expressed! This he planned in eternal past!

Caleb Uribarri

El Paso, Texas, United States

God, as a river and a tree,

Man’s food and drink to be.

Amen Lord Jesus we just want to receive you!


Anseong, Ggyonggi Province, South Korea

Hallelujah for God's economy according to His good pleasure!