The working of the Triune God

God's economy is to have God and man
Incorporated as one—divine-human,
To build up His Body—an organism,
Which consummates the New Jerusalem.
God the Father loves man and chooses man
In eternity past, in His great plan,
According to His purpose, and not of works
But of Him, in the section of Jacob.
God the Father calls man and justifies man
In time, in the section of Abraham;
That man may live by faith, know grace from within
That man may live in fellowship with Him.
God the Son gives man His rich inheritance,
And a life enjoying His abundance,
And a life in peace, totally without lack—
Fully blessed, in the section of Isaac.
God the Spirit transforms man and causes man
To be mature in life, enabling man
To bless and supply all, and rule o'er the earth,
In the section of Jacob with Joseph.

Banner song for the 1997 Yearend West Malaysia Youth Training. Subject: "The Working of the Triune God on the Three Sections of the Life of a Corporate Person for the Fulfillment of His Eternal Economy."

Reign Chosen Aying


PTL that God the Father loves and chooses man. He calls man and justifies man. God the Son gives His rich inheritance and a life enjoying His abundance, and God the Spirit transforms man and causes man to be mature in life.......

Praise the Lord for the Triune God.