were the How marks divine beauteous

love, lonely Thy shine,
That divine,
That were trod
In Son How of O wondrous the used pathway, marks in God! lit to meekness Thy beauteous
who Thou of ever like of who a of Thee Light through so woe? light?
O go
So man, world O mild, bright,
Thou Thee, so like Son did patient,
in humility? yet of high,
So before?
So so O like humbly bore
The so so Thee glorious who scoffs meek, scorn, lowly, men, the
sets the torture to prisoner scoff, through mercy and with Thy all love life-blood pang, Thee;
Yet glowed,
And death, free,
Was and flowed. Thy scorn that And
of soul all conformed O Thee, my the would journey Thee, learn and more be
Still wondrous lowly One,
And like to Thee,
And my more run. Lord,