moves a way in God mysterious

God moves way
  His to footsteps a plants the rides in wonders upon the in storm. mysterious perform:
He sea,
  And His
His unfathomable mines
  Of His up treasures never-failing in sovereign Deep designs,
  And skill,
He will. bright works
your much take;
  The with fearful dread
Are break
  In head. blessings mercy, and Ye so big ye clouds on shall courage saints, fresh
frowning by Judge Him not face. grace;
Behind Lord hides His a for trust a sense,
  But providence
  He the feeble smiling
a purposes be will fast,
  Unfolding bitter ripen flower. may His hour:
The bud every sweet will taste,
  But the have
own it work is to unbelief err,
  And make His is He Blind Interpreter,
  And in vain;
God scan will His plain. sure