There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus

There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
  No, not one! no, not one!
None else could heal all our souls' diseases:
  No, not one! no, not one!
  Jesus knows all about our struggles;
  He will guide 'til the day is done:
There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
    No, not one! no, not one!
No friend like Him is so high and holy,
  No, not one! no, not one!
And yet no friend is so meek and lowly,
  No, not one! no, not one!
There's not an hour that He is not near us,
  No, not one! no, not one!
No night so dark, but His love can cheer us,
  No, not one! no, not one!
Did ever saint find this Friend forsake him?
  No, not one! no, not one!
Or sinner find that He would not take him?
  No, not one! no, not one!
Was e'er a gift like the Savior given?
  No, not one! no, not one!
Will He refuse us the bliss of heaven?
  No, not one! no, not one!
Sulola Abiodun Sasmon

Bucknor Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria

The song is encouraging and motivating.


Lagos, Nigeria

Thank You Lord for not forsaking me.


Mogotio, Baringo, Kenya

Got touched, now am enjoying the comfort.

Wilfred Cornelius

Omu-aran, Kwara, Nigeria

A friend at all times even when the best and intimate friends of this world desert me, He holds me by my right hand with soothing voice, ' fear not I am with you, I will help you. What a friend.


Ogudu, Lagos, Nigeria

A healing and comforting song it is... So glad for a friend like Jesus.


Abuja, Edo, Nigeria

My soul is in pain, and this song came to my mind. And all that is following the song is my ties while singing. Am happy to no that JESUS knows about all I am praying for. And all am going through.


Cordova, Tennessee, United States

JESUS the Greatest Gift! This song came to mind after sharing my struggles with the Lord in prayer. As I struggled to seek the Lord this I am reminded that Jesus already knows our struggles and HE is with me and will guide me through to victory all I have to do is receive and follow HIM. So glad this song was written as a testimony of the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to save us!

Ana Lara

Tolland, Connecticut, United States

Johnson Oatman Jr, son of Johnson and Rachel Ann Oatman was born near Medford, New Jersey, April 21, 1956. His Father was an excellent singer and it always delighted the son to sit by his father’s side and hear him sing songs of the church.

Johnson Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps in every way. He accepted his father’s faith making it his own. They worked side by side in the family mercantile business under Johnson Oatman and Son.

When he was 19, the younger Oatman became an ordained minister. He served where needed, but never pastored his own church. In 1878, Johnson married Wilhelmina Reed of Lumberton N. J. And had three children:Rachel, Miriam and Percy.

At age 36, he tried his hand at hymn writing. He went on to write at least 5,000 hymns in his lifetime. No gospel song book is considered complete unless it contains some of his hymns. Johnson however never saw hymn writing as a financial venture. Upon his request, he was paid only $1.00 for each song. Phillip Kerr, a Christian musician and author of books about gospel music once made a statement “ Imagine receiving only one dollar for writing “Higher Ground. ”

Johnson Oatman Jr. died September 25,1922.

Patience Ikeokwu

Lagos, Nigeria

As I got up at the early hour of 10/04/2019… there was a great urge to be at the presence of the most God and this was one of the song a sang. Indeed, there's no other friend as Jesus Christ. So glad that lm saved. How I wish everyone who's in contact with me could have the same experience. Amen!

Chidinma Simon

Lagos, Nigeria

the spirit woke me up with this hymn this morning. I bless Jesus for the writer.