Christ to minister is service


Wellington, New Zealand

In this hymn we are encouraged to minister Christ, supply Christ, offer Christ, labour on Christ, share Christ, hold Christ, serve Christ, harvest Christ, taste Christ, receive and partake of Christ. Christ is everything to us. Hallelujah, Christ is all in all!

Concerning Christ to Minister Is Service / Both to God and Others Too in Stanza 1 of Hymn #659 in Chinese

The criticizers argue that it is correct to speak of ministering Christ to others but that it is problematic to speak of ministering Christ to God. When we say, "Christ to minister is service / Both to God and others too" in hymn #659 in Chinese (Hymns, #912 in English), we mean that we serve God by offering Christ to Him, according to the last line of the chorus: "OfF'ring Him as service true." This, again, is revealed through a type. In the Old Testament God wanted the priests to serve Him through the offerings. The offerings that the priests offered to God all typify Christ, and some of these offerings were "food" offered to God; they were for God's enjoyment. God called them "offerings" (Num. 28:2; Lev. 3:11). Some were offered as food for man's enjoyment (7:15-16). This typifies that when we, the New Testament priests, serve God today, we should serve by offering Christ as the offerings. The Christ whom we offer should be food for God's enjoyment and also food for our enjoyment. In this way our service is not only ministering Christ to man but also ministering Christ to God. It is not wrong to say that service is to minister Christ to God. Most people see only that we should serve God by Christ; they do not see that we should minister to God with Christ. However, this is revealed in the Bible. Our service should truly minister to God with Christ for God's satisfaction and also minister to man with Christ for man's satisfaction.