My heart today would sing with joyfulness

My heart today would sing with joyfulness:
My Lord, Thou hast become my life and peace.
Dear Jesus, Lord, my future is with Thee,
The Father God I now know is for me.
  Because of Thee! Because of Thee!
Because of Golgotha! Because of Thee!
Once was a day, because I feared to die,
I clothed myself in works, virtue to buy,
Tried to avoid God's laws encompassing,
But now I know He is my righteous King.
Though days may come when nations cry with pain,
Thy raptured church shall Thy true blessings gain.
By Thine own blood sprinkled inside the veil,
She conquers all the violence of hell.
The Lamb of God indeed my sorrows bore,
The Lamb of God has saved me evermore;
The cup of righteousness He drank for me,
The taste of death is gone eternally.
In pastures green Thou caused me to recline,
Thou leadest me, the God of peace is mine;
Because of grace I lie upon Thy breast,
I taste of love the highest and the best.
Each hour sweetly keeps me by Thy life,
Though evil spirits threat with daring strife.
Unto my Father I may look always,
Learning to trust midst darkness as in days.
Lord, teach me to refuse the worldly fames,
To waver not through water deep or flames,
Willing to suffer shame and loss with Thee;
For Thy name's sake a martyr I may be.
When I am raptured, brought before Thy face,
The Crucified shall be my song of grace;
From glory Thou didst come, didst suff'rings know:
On Calvary poured out redemption's flow.
  Because of me! Because of me!
Because of sinful men! Because of me!