I've chosen the Lord Jesus

I've chosen the Lord Jesus,
My very world to be;
His love is so abundant,
He fills my every need.
O Lord, I am Your vessel
Which only You can fill;
All Sychar's wells exhausting,
I'm thirsty still.
  Oh, Jesus Christ!
He is the One for me!
My heart's abiding at the source
Of every sweetest thing.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
He all my heart doth fill;
With Him, I have no other plea,
In Him, my heart is still.
I've chosen the Lord Jesus,
My very joy to be,
With Him my heart, though aching,
Has still a song to sing.
With Him, I need no reason
To shout exultantly,
For all my jubilation
From Him does spring.
I've chosen the Lord Jesus,
My very hope to be,
I muse on all the vastness
Of wealth to me bequeathed;
And yet, 'tis the Provider
I treasure and desire;
To gain the best—Christ Jesus—
My heart aspires.
I've chosen the Lord Jesus,
My very Lord to be;
His love defies description,
One taste will conquer thee.
My all I've consecrated,
And naught from Him implore,
But that my Lord be happy,
And grieved no more.


Hallelujah! There is also a song with the same tune called He Lives! I don't know if its on this website though.