O Golgotha! Good Golgotha!

O Golgotha! Good Golgotha!
  My Lord was slain for me;
His precious blood in mercy flowed
  That I from sins be free.
  Therefore I pray, my Lord, reveal
  Golgotha's mystery,
So I may know that I am one
  With Thee in certainty.
O Golgotha! Good Golgotha!
  I died there with my Lord;
His crucifixion has released
  The burden I once bore.
O Golgotha! That empty tomb
  Included me as well;
His resurrection too I share,
  I hear no deathly knell.
O Golgotha! There Satan's hosts
  Were by my Lord abashed;
In His dear name that worldly king
  Under my feet is smashed.
O Golgotha! There Jesus' name
  Sufficed me in that war;
There Satan fled, for by that Name
  I triumph evermore.
O Golgotha! I praise Thee, Lord,
  For death was suffered there;
Released His life, redeemed my sins,
  I'm freed into His care.
O Golgotha! I want to learn
  All that indwells in Him;
By faith included in His work,
  I'll stand now firm with Him.