Savior, select my pathway

Savior, select my pathway;
Choose it, dear Lord, for me.
I have no other longing,
Only Thy will I'd seek.
You have ordained my pathway,
However hard it be;
Lord, for Your heart's good pleasure,
I'd follow willingly.
  Please now uphold my hand, Lord—
You know my weaknesses;
Else can I only sorrow,
Uncertain how to live.
If You'll uphold my hand, Lord,
Whatever path You chart,
Whatever way or time, Lord,
'Tis sweetest to my heart.
Whether 'tis smooth or rugged,
If it is but Your choice,
It has my full consent, Lord;
None other will suffice.
I could not dare to choose, Lord,
Though You would give me rein;
Lord, do select my pathway—
Your wish is my command.
My time is in Your hands, Lord,
No matter fast or slow.
I don't have any preference;
Schedule me as You will.
If You would teach me patience,
Daily or year by year,
I wouldn't wish Your hinderance
Swiftly to disappear.
Here is my life's remainder—
Do with it as You please;
Though there be joy or anguish,
I'd let You reign in me.
Every distress is precious
When I can see Your face;
Every delight is loathsome
If it's without Your grace.
Lord, do select my pathway,
Though I be hale or ill,
Whether through tears or laughter,
Slander or fame Your will.
Work of whatever size, Lord—
I would let You decide;
This only would I prize, Lord:
That You be glorified.

The 2021 UCAS cycle is starting soon.

May God lead me into his desired university for me to study mech eng, such that the degree and the career in front can make Him glorified.

Sandy Parsons

Bentonville, AR, United States

I have never heard this hymn before. It immediately became a favorite. It is my heart's prayer, Lord select my pathway, rugged or smooth. Oh that churches would bring back the old hymns to the sanctuaries. God calls us to return to the old paths and stand therein, Jeremiah 6:16. There is a reason for that.