The Story of the Wind, the Cloud, the Fire, and the Electrum

Holy Spirit, a great wind,
From the heavens blows on us.
Just as on the multitude,
As you did on Pentecost!
  Holy Spirit blow on us!
Covering Spirit dwell on us.
Burn, O holy fire burn!
Your electrum in us shine,
By Your Spirit,
Radiate to all mankind.
Come Lord soften hardened hearts,
Our whole being to revive.
Blow until we are renewed,
Till all sins do fall aside.
A great cloud the Spirit is,
To supply abundant grace.
As the cloud He covers us,
Just as the Tent of Meeting's place.
Covering Spirit give us life!
He's the power to sanctify.
Making us God's dwelling place
As in Spirit we abide.
Holy fire come and burn me!
All my being to consume.
Every part to purify,
That Your Spirit may have room.
Burn away all that's defiled;
All that's common has to go!
That I exactly like God am
All God's holiness to show.
Into me electrum shine!
Divine nature to partake.
With my spirit joined to God's,
Glowing life I'll radiate.
Man with God now mingled is
The two natures joined as one.
God expressed in human form
Thus God's testimony's done!
John T. C. Kan

Chicago, IL, United States

I wish this hymn can be translated into other languages such as Spanish.

Cloud also typifies the leading of Jehovah which is by His presence. (Exo.  33:14 - And He said, My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest. )