Worldly people who beheld You

Worldly people who beheld You
Saw a common Nazarene,
You were slighted and made light of
Till Your death at Calvary;
Brought to naught, from man's perspective,
Ended was Your history.
But how diff'rent the reaction
In the heav'ns, at Your ascent;
Glorious God, for Your obedience,
Had all heav'nly hosts at hand
To receive You and extol You
As the universe's Head.
God already has established
You as Christ, as Lord of all;
No one now in heav'n or Sheol
Can't Your special name recall,
Not a creature disobedient
Who will not before You fall.
How can I be so familiar
With the scene so far on high?
God, as proof, has sent His Spirit,
Thus the facts to verify;
He's become my gift within me,
Christ's enthronement proved thereby.
Spirit in me, manifested,
Jesus' Christhood proof affords;
Since He's really God's anointed,
Then in me the Spirit's poured.
Fact eternal, fixed and constant,
That the Nazarene is Lord!
Jesus is the Lord! Forever,
Immutable reality!
I'm infused by God the Spirit;
What a gift, this fact, to me!
Now I can but praise and bless Him
For the Spirit's gift so free.