Keep up the song of faith

Keep up the song of faith,
  However dark the night;
And as you praise, the Lord will work
  To change your faith to sight.
Keep up the song of faith,
  And let your heart be strong,
For God delights when faith can praise
  Though dark the night and long.
Keep up the song of faith,
  The foe will hear and flee;
Oh, let not Satan hush your song,
  For praise is victory.
Keep up the song of faith,
  The dawn will break ere long,
And we shall go to meet the Lord,
  And join the endless song.
(Repeat the last line of each stanza)
Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Looking through the songs on prayer this reminded me of the Memorial Conference, “ When the Lord comes will He find (linking) Faith on the earth”. Luke 18:8

Istifanus Ariko

Kaduna., Kaduna, Nigeria

When I look away from the physical things that entangles, and I fix my eyes on the unseen where the source of my strength flows, I will remain victorious!!

The first thing Satan does in deceiving us is to produce an environment that is opposite to God's Word. The second thing he will do is to tell us that God's promise is not real. He will base his words on the environment he has created. Once I was sick. I prayed and God promised that He would heal me. I had the faith for the healing, but after three weeks, the sickness became worse. Then Satan came and tempted me, saying, "What good is your faith? Your illness is still here." When I prayed again, God rebuked me, saying, "Why are you still praying? I have told you that I will heal you. Why do you still have to pray?" I immediately began to praise. I said, "God, I cannot sleep, and I feel much pain. Satan is troubling me all over. Yet I praise You because Your Word is true. I do not care if I suffer. Only Your Word counts; only it is trustworthy. The environment is just Satan's performance. You alone are faithful and trustworthy." I began to sing Hymn #778 on my bed. That was the best singing I ever experienced in my life. The words in stanza two were particularly precious: "For God delights when faith can praise /Though dark the night and long." Later the Lord did heal me. Satan's work produces only one result—doubting God's Word, that is, making men wonder whether or not it is true. Outward conditions are not real. If you listen to Satan and look at the adverse environment, you will think that God's Word is not true. But if you stand on God's Word by faith, you will not fear.

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