Christ is the Alpha of our prayers

Christ is the Alpha of our prayers;
  We know not how to pray
Save as His Spirit in our hearts
  Shall teach us what to say.
Christ is the Omega of prayer,
  The Father's great Amen
That rounds our halting periods
  To sense beyond our ken.
But in the little space between
  He lets us make the links,
And with our slow and stammering speech
  Interpret what He thinks.
O First and Last, take Thou the prayers
  Of every trusting soul,
And weld them to Thine own desire
  To make a perfect whole.
Thou great Beginning of that Word
  We cannot speak or spell,
Of the short syllable we lisp
  Be Thou the End as well!
Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

This hymn reveals the amazing title of our Beloved Christ as “the Alpha and Omega”! The composition of every letter and word that God speaks to us, and that which we reply to God is only Christ. Christ is the beginning, because we do not know what pray; and Christ is the completion, as the great Amen that seals our words with confirmation. Every letter and word that we link together as the content of our prayer is also Christ. Christ begins in us, passes through us, and answers us with Himself! Paul tells us that “Christ is all” (Col 3:11).

Beth Lenett

Delray Beach, Florida, United States

Teach to pray to our Lord And savior. And for others.