To do Thy will I seek, Lord

To do Thy will I seek, Lord,
Thy holy word t'obey,
To shun all idle speech, Lord,
And turn from cares mundane.
Attract me more each day, Lord,
And nearer draw to Thee,
To see Thy glorious face, Lord,
And closely walk with Thee.
I choose Thy way to follow,
Though stormy blasts surround;
Though there be troubles, sorrow,
Thy grace is more profound.
In life's pursuit I lack, Lord,
Not minding things above;
Oh, keep me, bring me back, Lord;
Immerse me in Thy love.
Thy cross I'm gladly bearing,
Face for Thy kingdom set;
Though suff'ring, tears, I'm sharing,
Thy hand upholds me yet.
Life's journey soon is ending;
That City soon I'll see;
In Father's bosom resting—
How full that joy will be!
Thy glory, soon unveiled, Lord—
Oh, 'tis for this I yearn!
Thy promises ne'er fail, Lord;
Thou swiftly wilt return.
Oh, let me press e'er higher,
Not ling'ring here below,
My gaze transfixed e'er skyward,
My heart with Thee aglow!