Thou whose name is called Jesus

Thou whose name is called Jesus,
  Risen Lord of life and pow'r,
Oh, it is so sweet to trust Thee,
  Every day and every hour;
Of Thy wondrous grace I sing,
  Savior, Counsellor, and King.
Thou canst keep my feet from falling,
  Even my poor wayward feet;
Thou who dost present me faultless
  In Thee—Righteousness complete;
Jesus, Lord, in knowing Thee,
  Oh, what strength and victory.
All the sin in me, my Savior,
  Thou canst conquer and subdue;
With Thy sanctifying power
  Permeate my spirit through;
Let Thy government increase,
  Risen, crowned, Prince of Peace.
Thou canst keep me upward looking,
  Ever upward in Thy face;
Thou canst make me stand, upholden
  By the greatness of Thy grace;
Every promise of Thy word
  Now I claim from Thee, dear Lord.
Oh! what joy to trust Thee, Jesus,
  Mighty Victor o'er the grave,
And to learn amid earth's shadows
  Thine unceasing power to save!
Only those who prove Thee know
  What the grace Thou dost bestow.
Make my life a bright outshining
  Of Thy life, that all may see
Thine own resurrection power
  Mightily put forth in me;
Ever let my heart become
  Yet more consciously Thy home.
Richard Housel

Long Island, New York, United States

This is from Hymnary. net - "Jean Sophia Pigott of the United Kingdom lived from 1845-1882. Born at Leixlip, Ireland, she was a poet and hymn lyricist. She wrote “A royal service and other poems” (1877). She was a sister to William Frederick Pigott, a missionary to China. He was murdered in the 1901 Boxer Rebellion, along with 76 other missionaries working with missionary, Hudson Taylor, but in other parts of China. Taylor was overcome with grief to hear of the massacre, and took much comfort in Pigott’s hymn. She died at Leixlip, Ireland."

Sometimes something precious can come from someone of whom little is known. She also wrote Jesus, I Am Resting Resting. It can also be found by entering 579 above. She may have been helped by the ministry at the Keswick conference in England. She attended in 1879.


Rochester, MN, United States

Thou whose name is called Jesus,

Risen Lord of life and pow’r,

Oh, it is so sweet to trust Thee,

Every day and every hour!

M Eades

Texas, United States

Composed by a heart that was full of faith and appreciation for Christ and His accomplished work operating and energizing within it, this hymn still infuses faith into those who sing it. Thank You, Lord, for Your life power!