Oh, safe to the Rock that is higher than I

Oh, safe to the Rock that is higher than I,
My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly,
So sinful, so weary, Thine, Thine would I be,
Thou blest Rock of Ages, I'm hiding in Thee.
  Hiding in Thee, hiding in Thee,
  Thou blest Rock of Ages, I'm hiding in Thee.
In the calm of the noontide, in sorrow's lone hour,
In times when temptation casts o'er me its power;
In the tempests of life, on its wide, heaving sea,
Thou blest Rock of Ages, I'm hiding in Thee.
How oft in the conflict, when pressed by the foe,
I have fled to my Refuge and breathed out my woe,,
How often, when trials like sea-billows roll,
Have I hidden in Thee, O Thou Rock of my soul.
Carol Anne Leonard Posey

Siloam Springs, Arkansas, United States

This hymn—particularly as sung by Robert Hale and Dean Wilder—has lifted my soul and sustained me through many times of grief. How I thank God for it. Thank you, Steve Miller, for posting the story of how it came to be written. Divinely given and inspired.

Margaret Fortenberry

Clinton, Mississippi, United States

I just like Cynthia Stevens from Jamaica was going through some tough times (still am) and began to sing this hymn. I could remember all the words only several lines and the chorus. Thanks google for giving me the remaining words which offer an abundance of comfort and peace. God is indeed our safety!!

Cynthia Stevens

Kingston, Jamaica

I was going through some conflicts ..spiritual and social....when this song popped in my head.

I didn't remember all of it so googled it. I began to sing it and it has has given me great assurance an peace of mind.

Thanks to to the author of this powerful hymn that give such great inspiration and peace of mind. Thanks also to google for making it available at the tip of a finger sort of speaking.

Rev. Nsubuga Daniel

Kampala, Uganda

When I sing this hymn, I have not other need of prayer. I hide in Jesus and I feel safe. It will be all joy when I get to meet my Lord.

Adeyinka Igbani

Lagos, Nigeria

Thank God for Google. As a member of the choir many decades ago, we sang this hymn several times and after a long time, I've forgotten the lyrics. Just thought on checking Google this morning, and saw this. The hymn is more than relevant even now.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

William O. Cushing was born in Hingham, Massachusetts. He was a successful pastor of Disciples of Christ churches for more than 20 years. After the death of his wife in 1870, he was forced to retire from ministering due to ill health. He then began to write hymns. He eventually wrote over 300 hymns. Concerning this hymn he says:

“‘Hiding in Thee’ was writ­ten in Mo­ra­via, New York, in 1876. It must be said of this hymn that it was the out­growth of ma­ny tears, ma­ny heart-con­flicts and soul-yearn­ings, of which the world can know no­thing. The his­to­ry of ma­ny bat­tles is be­hind it. But the oc­ca­sion which gave it be­ing was the call of Mr. Sank­ey. He said, ‘Send me something new to help me in my Gos­pel work.’ A call from such a source, and for such a pur­pose, seemed a call from God. I so re­gard­ed it, and prayed: ‘Lord, give me some­thing that may glor­i­fy Thee.’ It was while thus wait­ing that ‘Hid­ing in Thee’ pressed to make it­self known. Mr. Sank­ey called forth the tune, and by his gen­i­us gave the hymn wings, mak­ing it use­ful in the Mas­ter’s work. (Sankey's Story of the Gospel Hymns) - Songs of the Spirit by Martin

Rebekah Lampley

Tallmadge, Ohio, United States

Oh my goodnes!! Born and raised a preacher's kid, I grew up with this hymn and many others. As a child, living under the roof of the security of my parents' spiritual passion, I did not realize as a child how much I would need these songs as a refuge in my adult years. This is priceless!!! It's unfortunate that this current generation aren't being introduced to the old hymns as much. I pray that today's contemporary music will have enough spiritual substance to carry them through the tough times we all experience, learning all the while to trust and depend on God. He's an amazing Savior!! :)

Shiney Mae S.

Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines

This song makes me realize that in GOD everything is in control.

That no matter what HAPPENED, God still did what is best for us.

And I always remember that TRIALS MAKES PURE GOLD...

Always feeling blessed with this song. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


Estomihi Hutagalung

Medan, Sumataera Utara, Indonesia

This morning I was preparing a sermon for the Methodist school children in refugee eruption of Mount Sinabung in Karo Indonesia.

They are disturbing me, how to answer the assurance that God is able to cope while they are undergoing catastrophic eruption is very sad.

With this song I was given inspiration, passion and certainty. Thank God.