O Jesus, I have promised

O Jesus, I have promised
  To serve Thee to the end;
Be Thou forever near me,
  My Master and my Friend;
I shall not fear the battle
  If Thou art by my side,
Nor wander from the pathway
  If Thou wilt be my Guide.
Oh, let me feel Thee near me;
  The world is ever near;
I see the sights that dazzle,
  The tempting sounds I hear;
My foes are ever near me,
  Around me and within;
But, Jesus, draw Thou nearer,
  And shield my soul from sin.
Oh, let me hear Thee speaking,
  In accents clear and still,
Above the storms of passion,
  The murmurs of self-will;
Oh, speak to reassure me,
  To hasten, or control;
Oh, speak, and make me listen,
  Thou Guardian of my soul.
O Jesus, Thou hast promised
  To all who follow Thee
That where Thou art in glory
  There shall Thy servant be;
And Jesus, I have promised
  To serve Thee to the end;
Oh, give me grace to follow,
  My Master and my Friend.
Oh, let me see Thy footmarks,
  And in them plant mine own;
My hope to follow duly
  Is in Thy strength alone.
Oh, guide me, call me, draw me,
  Uphold me to the end;
And then to rest receive me,
  My Savior and my Friend.
John Ehimhen

Lagos, Nigeria

What a song of promise.

Onesimus Aiwanfo

Edo State, Nigeria

The first time I have an encounter with this hymn was in 2013 in Ebonyi. I got broken, and every time I sing or hear the song, it just brings me into aligning to the leading of the Lord....

I just want to follow the Lord till the end.

It also a song of awareness and surrender because I get to see the enemy within...

Deliver me from this foe within...

Thank You Jesus.


Lagos, Nigeria

I love this song so much and it help me most times to meditate on the promises of God. Especially verse 5.

Grace Ndegwa

Nairobi, Kenya

I love this song very much esp as I serve God in my day to day calling and at my local church. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to guide me, call me, draw me and uphold me till the end. Amen.



Brought me to tears as I sung this song with my beloved husband in a way that we've never heard it sung before. Holy Spirit it is so great.

Alice Grennan

West Midlands, United Kingdom

I’ve loved this hymn since secondary school assemblies where we all sang it with great gusto. I can’t sing it any other way and it always lifts my heart to my Lord my friend and my saviour. It’s great to read others comments and to know others feel just like me. Praise Jesus.


Stokesley, North Yourkshire, United Kingdom

This wonderful hymn been with me since a child — never to forget OUR LORD’S promise to be with us always. Thank you.

Love Adeola

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

Lord, uphold me to the end.

I've made the promise to follow.

Help me keep it to the end.

Bill C

Schertz, TX, United States

I have always sang this great hymn of the Christian Church. The words are so appropriate and serve as an expression of my heartfelt commitment to serve Christ Jesus my Lord, all the way!

Susan Carron

Glasgow, United Kingdom

I sang this wonderful uplifting hymn just there all verses ... haven't sang it in what must be 40 plus years..... a very good reminder that singing out loud can be just as powerful as prayer.