As gathered in Thy precious name

As gathered in Thy precious name,
  This table we surround,
Thy death, Lord Jesus, to proclaim,
  O may our praise abound.
We give what from Thee we receive,
  For all we have is Thine—
O may each heart with joy believe,
  And echo "Thine is mine!"
Grace, grace it was that brought Thee down;
  Love shone in all Thy ways;
Through death Thine is the Victor's crown
  And Thine the endless praise.
We, here, in silence, or in song,
  Together worship Thee;
Before our God we shall ere long
  Give praise eternally.
Lord Jesus Christ, Thou comest soon—
  Today Thy death we show;
In light, eclipsing sun at noon,
  Its myst'ry we shall know.
Kevin B.

Dedham, MA, United States

It's wonderful to think that you and your great grandfather are enjoying the same grace, love in Christ, your brother.

Christine Davies

Teignmouth, Devon, United Kingdom

This hymn was written by my great grandfather, so it has special meaning to me.