O Lord, as we consider Thee

O Lord, as we consider Thee,
We worship Thee for all Thou art;
Thou art so rich, so wonderful,
So dear and precious to our heart.
  What Thou art meets our every need!
Our hearts o'erflow with praise to Thee!
All our desires Thou dost exceed
  And satisfy continually.
Thou art the very God in truth,
The God who is both love and light;
The God who is to us our life,
The God in whom we all delight.
Thou also art a man indeed,
A man so fine, so good, so pure;
A man in whom our God delights,
A man who can our love secure.
Thou even art a lowly slave,
A slave of God to serve for us;
Obedient to the cross's death
That we might be delivered thus.
Thou art, beside all these, a King,
A King in life and love to reign,
By God anointed with His pow'r
To rule with us in His domain.
Dear Lord, as we remember Thee,
We thus partake of all Thou art;
As we enjoy Thyself in love,
We share Thee as Thy counterpart.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Maria L

Fremont, California, United States

Oh Lord, You are our light, our life, our power, our wisdom, our holiness, and our righteousness. You are our rich provision. Praise the Lord, everything we need is found in the name of Jesus!

Lord, we come to You to enjoy You as all that we need. In Christ we lack nothing, for He is all-inclusive to meet all our needs so that we may meet His need for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ! Praise the Lord!

Laura Viza

Tigard, Oregon, United States

Lord Jesus, we worship you for all you have done for us! Thank you Lord for always having our best interest in mind. We love you and need you, please come soon Lord Jesus!


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you, Lord that You are the God of love and light. Hallelujah, you are the life to us.

Selene Leyva Hernandez

Fort Stockton, TX, United States

Thank You Lord for bringing into the Life, Light, Truth and Reality!!! I love You ❤️

Moses Gao

Seattle, Washington, United States

Lord, our hearts overflow with praise to you!

Nanette Geronimo

Auckland, New Zealand

Praise you Lord for who you are!!! You are so dear and precious to our heart.

You meet all our needs. We worship and thank you that we have you as our portion, satisfying all our desires continually.

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

I love this hymn. The first line I slightly modify ”0 Lord when I consider thee [you], I worship thee [you] for all you are”. This comes to me many mornings. Lord you are so rich and wonderful!

Brooks Phillips

Lubbbock, Texas, United States

O Lord, as we consider Thee,

We worship Thee for all Thou art;


Tampa, Florida, United States


Sister Vali Ruth

Tirane, Albania

Ti je gjithcka qe duam ne!

Me zemer t'thurim ne lavdi

Deshirat Ti na tejkalon ,

Na jep paprer' kenaqesi!

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