O Morning Star, how fair and bright

O Morning Star, how fair and bright,
Thou beamest forth in truth and light!
  O Sov'reign meek and lowly,
Thou Root of Jesse, David's Son,
My Lord and Master, Thou hast won
  My heart to serve Thee solely!
    Thou art holy,
Fair and glorious, all-victorious,
    Rich in blessing,
Rule and might o'er all possessing.
Thou heav'nly Brightness, Light divine,
O deep within my heart now shine,
  And make Thee there an altar.
Fill me with joy and strength to be
Thy member, ever joined to Thee
  In love that cannot falter;
    Toward Thee longing
Doth possess me; turn and bless me;
    Here in sadness
Eye and heart long for Thy gladness.
Lydia Liu

Auckland, New Zealand

This hymn has such rich utterances. When I first learned this song I didn’t appreciate it much, perhaps because the tune sounded so old-fashioned, but when I declared it with some others I realised the words are so rich.

Lord, fill me with joy, fill me with strength to be Your member! Make me one who is ever joined to You in love, even a love that cannot falter!

Lilo Xu

Auckland, New Zealand

Oh, my Lord and my Master, You have won my heart. but I desire, that, Lord, You will continue to win my heart day by day, more and more, with Your beauty and glory, so that I will only serve You with all my heart, my entire being.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

When Philipp Nicolai was a pastor in Unna, Germany, an awful plague hit the town. His window overlooked the cemetery. There were sometimes as many as 30 burials in a single day. It seemed that every home in the town was mourning for a stricken family member. It was a difficult time to be a pastor. How did he get through it?

"There seemed to me nothing more sweet, delightful, and agreeable," Nicolai wrote, "than the contemplation of the noble sublime doctrine of Eternal Life obtained through the Blood of Christ. This I allowed to dwell in my heart day and night." - Great Songs of Faith by Brown and Norton