All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name (Medium)

All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name!
  Let angels prostrate fall,
  Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
  And crown Him, crown Him,
  crown Him, crown Him;
  And crown Him Lord of all!
Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,
  Ye ransomed from the fall,
  Ye ransomed from the fall,
Hail Him who saves you by His grace,
Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget
  The wormwood and the gall,
  The wormwood and the gall,
Go, spread your trophies at His feet,
Let every kindred, every tribe,
  On this terrestrial ball,
  On this terrestrial ball,
To Him all majesty ascribe,
O that with yonder sacred throng
  We at His feet may fall,
  We at His feet may fall!
We'll join the everlasting song,
Shindara Oluwatimilehin

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

the name that's above all names. I love Jesus!

Oyedeji Taiwo Michael

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

the all-powerful name.

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Lord may the power of Your name be manifested in our daily living for the kingdom of God is not in speech but in power - in the manifestation of God in the human life on earth!

Thank You Lord that Your life in us is the overcoming life. Everything begotten of God overcomes the world - Satan himself! Lord Jesus we love You!

You will build Your church!!! You said it! So it shall be. Amen!

Ifeanyi Uhuegbu

London, United Kingdom

The only name above all other names is Jesus Christ. It must be hailed always by every believer. It's the name that gave us abundant life. It's the name that's keeping us safe. It's our password to enter heaven. We must covet it. I sang this song for the first time 42 years ago as a class one pupil of Government Comprehensive secondary school, Borokiri in Port Harcourt, Nigeria without really knowing the message it conveys. Thank God that I am now truly blessed by the message of the hymn because I can identify fully with its meaning. Glory be to God.

Ruphus Joel

Chennai, TN, India

A wonderful hymn that lifts up the soul to glorify God that we usually sing in Tamil.


Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Be crowned in my and family forever oh God. Amen.

Leigh Powell

The only time in the bible the the word 'name' is linked with the name of Christ Jesus is Philippians 2 verses 1 to 8. In these verses Paul writes of the humility of the Lord Jesus Christ, which humility should also be the mark of a born again Christian. Only when a person is born again and subject to Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ can that person be usable by God for the extension of His Kingdom by the spreading of the gospel.

It is God-given faith in the gospel and repentance that enables people to be born again into the family of God (John 3 verse 3), John 1 verse 12). And then such people will want to tell other people the gospel, in the power of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28, and Acts 1 verse 8, plus Luke 24 - 'you will be endured with power from on High').

Nnaemeka Giginna

Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria

Lord I crown you Lord over every thing about my life: My happiness, my marriage, my health, my spiritual life, my finance, my Business, my job etc. I enthroned You above everything in life.

Donald Skillen

Chennai, India

Great song of praise.



All hail the power of Jesus’ name!