Camel Train

'Twas a day in early springtime,
By an ancient wayside well,
Eliezer paused to rest his camel train.
He had found a bride for Isaac
Ere the evening shadows fell,
For his weary journey had not been in vain.
  Oh, get ready! Evening shadows fall.
Don't you hear the Eliezer call?
There's going to be a wedding,
And our joy will soon begin,
  In the evening when the camel train comes in.
So he took the fair Rebekah,
Dressed in jewels rich and rare,
Quickly to her waiting bridegroom far away.
Where Rebekah loved her Isaac,
And he loved Rebekah fair;
Oh, it must have been a happy wedding day.
Now the blessed Holy Spirit,
From our Father God above,
Has come down to earth to find a worthy Bride.
For our Isaac over yonder
Has prepared His tents of love,
And He wants His fair Rebekah by His side.
We have left our kinfolk gladly;
We have bade the world goodbye.
We've been called to be His pure and spotless Bride;
Where we'll soon behold our Jesus
In that blest eternity—
What a happy, happy wedding that will be!
YP Jesus lover

Ft. Collins, Colorado, United States

Lord, make us ready for the coming wedding!


Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

This song is awesome. Reminds us of the beauty of our re-union with Jesus. It will also foster pure love in the home, among couple and in the church of Jesus Christ.

Salem Long

Austin, Texas, United States

The Lord's provision is truly wonderful!

One day I hope to find my own Rebekah!

Mario Solòrzano

Chicago, IL

Really touched by this song on Jimmy Swaggart's Sonlife TV.


South Orange, New Jersey

Jimmy Swaggart, oh a blessed man he is. God bless you my brother.

Michelle Cousins

Mechanicsville, Va

This song was played as my wedding processional over 25 years ago.

Florence cox

Crane, Texas, United States

Love this song. So true. Meeting in the air.

Joshua Mckinney

Galesburg, IL, United States

Beautiful song! I grew up near Evansville, IN where Pastor Vibbert (the writer of the song) pastored. He was a great man of God.

Wanda Kellemslove

Tell City, Perry, United States

Love that..never heard until Jimmy Swaggart sang it last Sunday morning...

Katy Livingston

Colorado, United States

I heard this on Jimmy Swaggerts program a few weeks ago - I had not heard it in years and was sooooo blessed that nite by hearing it again. I have been looking for it and decided to see if this amazing iPad that was an 80th birthday gift for me, was all it was cracked up to be-------and lo and behold-- there it was AND the music playing loud and clear ( so many times the sound doesn't come thru when I try to play various things). I know The Lord had His hand on this!! Thank you Jimmy for the years of blessings of music - thru it all!! God bless.