The local churches are preparing for

The local churches are preparing for the Lord's return—
  We know the time is near for our Bridegroom so dear.
He's coming back to claim the Bride for which His heart doth yearn,
  That with Him we may be through all eternity.
  The Christ we love is coming soon,
And He will come as our Bridegroom.
We'll wait for Him, we'll watch and pray—
  It may be today, it may be today!
How we must give Him all our heart and from all idols turn!
  Oh, who else could there be who loves so tenderly?
Lord Jesus, You're the only One who makes our heart to burn—
  O please do not delay! Come quickly, e'en today!
A glorious Bride He is preparing for His wedding day;
  She'll be so bright and pure, fine linen covering her.
O Lord, work in Thy righteousness, this is the only way;
  And blessed we will be to join that feast with Thee.
Toyin Diyan

London, UK

Our bridegroom dear!

Build your bride and return without delay! Gain our hearts fully and make it your home. Amen. We love you!